Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ahhh Thursday..finally! I can't wait until the weekend!!! I have so much more work to do (packing and sewing), but can't get it done with out my DH to help watch our 2 yr old. Brooke from Gemmafactrix invited me to join a Flickr group of her's entitled "Design a day". I think it is a wonderful idea, trying to motivate everyone to make something at least once a day! Below is one of the items I made yesterday. This lovely Java knicker was made from vintage fabric and vintage buttons from the 1950's! I am not sure yet if I will sell it in the doesn't really fit in with everything else :)
But I still like it!
I have decided to give you a peek at some interesting things that have been brewing in my studio! I can't tell you what it is yet and hopefully it will be a HUGE surprise this spring! I am so excited!!!!

Well off I go to sew some more surprises and stock for the shop! Hope everyone has a sweet as can be Thursday!!!

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twiddlestix said...

That's a great goal- make something every day! Good for you!