Monday, January 14, 2008

Hi all! I know it has been a while since I last updated, I am sorry!
I am really going to try and keep on my toes and make sure things get back to normal. It has been slow in the shop, which gave me some much needed time to catch up on my B&M accounts. There is some news here on the home front.
Me and the DH have been house hunting for some time now.
I think it has finally happened! If everything goes well me and all
the ity bags will be moving to a new town. This will all not take
place until February and I will keep everyone updated!
Above is a new ity-bity Bag that I have not yet posted!Little boombox should make an appearance some time today! I am so excited about some new items that will slowly be peeking into the shop this spring!
Like my new Card sets! This set is the "three of a kind" cherries card set.
My first in the series of blank note cards and other
paper goods to make their way to ityland!
There are some ideas rolling around in my head that I wish
I had more time and money to do the all!

Well I guess I should be off promoting, sewing and taking care of
the little ity that is patiently watching Pinky Dinky do, but really wants to play puzzles with Mama ity!
Have a lovely Monday everyone!

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