Thursday, January 24, 2008

I know it has been forever and a day since I had last written anything. I have been oh so busy and a wee bit stressed out! Lots of things are going on this month for the shop and my home life. Ahh where to start....
Well first I have some good but extremely stressful news. Ity-bity Bags and the Family are moving! The DH and I have finally made the big leap and purchased our first house. Now for the stressful part...PACKING! Ugh! I hate packing and have been putting it off day after day. We are suppose to be moving in Feb and I have yet to pack a single thing! So here in the picture below you can see what will soon be our Craftsman house!
The good part about moving is for once I will have a real studio space!! Below is a picture of my space now. This consist of a table jam packed with supplies sitting in my bedroom! Not so fun and organized. So soon I hope to have a nice tidy room all to my self! I can't wait!!!
Ok, in other news I have opened a 2nd shop. I know I know your saying didn't you open a 2nd shop already? Yes, I did. I think I may have ADD. I debated about which shop I shop keep on Etsy. Well I made the decision to shut down the wading pool shop. Why you ask? Well Most of that work was from my college days and I have not been painting figures in over 3 years. My Husband convinced me to start a shop with my little watercolor paintings of animals. I have been collecting a little stack of tiny watercolor paintings for over 2 years now. I just did not think they were good enough to sell. I enjoy them and I know my son enjoys them, but will other people? Well I guess I will find out! So with-out further ado here is
This is one of my first tiny watercolor of two owls!
Hoot & Toot! The shop is a little bare, but I want to take it slow. So I Hope you come and visit and tell me what you think!


Marjorie said...

Hello!! :) You always leave such SWEET words on my little blog...and I did not realize you had a lovely blog of your own-It's great!! How cozy!! :)

Congrats on your house!! It's LOVELY!! I hope someday to own a home....perhaps a long way off...but it's a dream!

And...your owls are SO cute!! :)

Nadya said...

Congrats on the house!!! :)

The owls are absolutely ADORABLE! I love how the little owl is peeking out from behind the bigger owl. So much cuteness and personality :)
You'll sell them for SURE!!

Lorelei said...

Okay first of all- LOVE THAT HOUSE! I just bought a bungalow of my own, you can see it on my blog (