Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Monday!
I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Mine was filled with studio time, lounging and some shopping. So in all it was a pretty relaxing weekend. Last week was my Birthday and so I had some extra monies from relatives and decided to make myself spend it on ME. What usually happens is I get money and spend it on my business or my Son (who at this time is spoiled beyond belief). So this Birthday I only bought stuff for myself, which was hard because I don't "need" anything.
My Achilles heal is the bookstore. I can not enter a bookstore without buying something. I have a book addiction of sorts. A couple of years ago My Husband and I had to part with some of our book collection and it broke my heart. Now we have tons of room and I feel my old book collecting ways creeping back!
Over the weekend we made a trip to Borders book store and I found some delightful reads! Stuffed magazine is a specialty magazine that only comes out ever so often. It is filled with amazing plushies and dolls by awesome artist! I also had to buy Craft magazine in honor of their last issue. Plus Amy Sedaris was on the cover and I adore her! Last but not least I found this awesomely funny and adorable book by Aranzi Aronzo. The book is called Aranzi Machine Gun vol.1. It is filled with super cute comic strips and crafty projects!

I leave you today with a peak at my messy and total in need of reorganization desk. I can't wait until my studio is finished. Oh I guess a girl can dream!
Remember to wear a scarf, its windy out there!

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