Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shaving Cream marbling

Step 1) Layer about 1 inch of shaving cream onto a baking dish or pan.
Step 2)Level it out with a piece of cardboard as a scraper

Step 3)Use water based paint or food coloring. I used the little bottles of liquid food coloring . Drip some food coloring or paint directly on top of the shaving cream. Use different compositions like concentric circles, stripes, half moons. etc.

Step4) Using the back of the brush or a pointed stick or tooth pick. Swirl the paint. Do not push it down deep into the shaving cream. The paint will stay on the top.

Step 5) Pick a paper that fits your baking dish, and is some what thick . Lay paper on top of the design and press down. Pull the paper off. The shaving cream will appear to be all smeared but wait.
Step 6) Use the piece of poster board to scrape off the excess shaving cream. Like magic the design stays on the paper.
This project is safe for all ages! It can be a tad bit messy, but has amazing results! Hope everyone has fun making some funky stationery!


Spiderbite said...

Neat. I wanna try it. Can you explain a little more by what you mean when you say "squeeze off the excess shaving cream"? Do you mean like scrap it off? squeegee it off? Or just press it down on top of your paper until the excess squirts out?

Ity-Bity Bags said...

Just scrape off the excess shaving cream :) Have fun~Lisa

Chrisy said...

...sounds good...great for the littlies too...