Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Make your own Terrarium!
A project that has been around forever, but now has taken on new life in the home decor world. I love terrariums! If your lazy you can always head on over to the high-end florist and have one made for you, I personally am to cheap. I am here to show you it can be cheap, fun, and you don't need a green thumb to do it.

Materials: Glass container - I like to search the local thrift stores for weird jars, but you can find some inexpensive jars with lids at Target or any other local department store.

Gravel- you can get gravel at the hardware store or just pull some off your driveway, but remember to wash it before you use it.

Charcoal- You can get this at the grocery store or hardware store.

Sand or Soil- depending on the plant life you choose, you will need sand or soil. Sand for desert plants, and soil for succulents. All can be purchased at home& garden stores.

Plants- pick plants that will work well in this environment (mini cacti, jade plants, ivy, small palms, mini begonia, moss, and ferns)

Optional- rocks or other little statues or Dode-dads.

Step 1) wash glass container you plan to use

Step 2) add one layer of gravel, then a layer of charcoal, now a a-2 inch layer of sand or soil.

Step 3) Now it is time to add your plants. A good tool is a pair of chopsticks to help you poke plants into soil. Remember to use thick rubber or leather gloves for handling cacti.

Step 4) Add any little nik-naks or rocks at this time. I added a cute little plastic deer to live in mine :)

Now your terrarium is finished. Remember to place terrarium in a place that has suitable light for your plants. Also keep in mind some plants do not like terrarium lids (like cacti) .

Watering your terrarium: A good watering once every 2 weeks is enough. Soil should dry out between watering's for dry climate plants. Succulents require the least amount of watering. Usually the lid will keep in moisture making the terrariums a self contained eco-system.

Have fun and happy planting!



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