Friday, July 18, 2008

I hope everyone is having a good Friday so far! I woke up at 5am today so I am a little bit tired. I decided today would be the perfect day to share some of my favorite websites. This way you have the entire weekend to surf, shop, and gather ideas for holiday gifts! So here they are in no particular order!
1) The Small Object: I love the everything about this site! I visit it almost everyday to check up on her shop updates of adorable gifts, her steno for sneak peeks of products, awesome recipes, and sewing tips! Once you visit... you to will be addicted :)
2) Passive-aggressive notes : I think this site is ridiculously funny! It puts a smile on my face daily!
3) Fancy Flours: Whenever I want to make something special I take a gander at Fancy flours for the cutes and unique cupcake papers, and cake decor! Can you tell I love to bake!
4) decor8: This blog often makes me ask myself..why doesn't my house look like that! If you like interior design this is the blog for you!
5) Dancing Deer Baking Co: If you get lazy in the winter (like me) or you just have no idea what to get someone as a gift ? Try Dancing Deer for awesomely delicious goodies that everyone will enjoy! I have sent these to many family members with no complaints!
6) AuctionZip: I love antique furniture and just about anything pre-1930's! So my Husband and I often like to visit auctions when we can. This awesome site lets you put in your zip code and it gives you all the auctions going on in your area!
7) Nuno Plus: I always check this site out for new fabrics, sales, and cute zakka gifts!
8) Spudart: This site is a blog/ gallery for Chicago Artist Matt Maldre. The entire site is filled with fun and interesting reads!
9) deviantART: Great gallery site to share your new crafts and artwork. It also opens your eyes to new Artist and designers from all over the world!
Ok I think that I will stop for now, but will share more soon!
Here are some snippets from my Garden. Above is my favorite stump in my yard which often makes appearances in my work :) I love how something dead can fill with life again.
My wild flower and sunflower garden is coming together nicely. I can't wait for the sunflowers to bloom! They are getting huge!

Off I go to run some errands and play outside with my little guy!

Hope everyone has a splish splash kind of day!

Happy Friday

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Spudart said...

ha! So here i am, check out this blog post. Clicking on the funny links. Laughing at the passive-agressive notes. cooing at the small objects, And then I get down to number 8, and l00kie! It's meee! Hooray! Thanks for the link!