Thursday, July 03, 2008

Why I love......
mymy! If you haven't check out her shop you have been depriving yourself of awesomely cute and quirky buttons! Perfect addition to any cardigan these 1 inch buttons offer a stylish and or opinionated accessory. I have listed below 3 of my favorites!
Girls with glasses rock harder! Such a true statement, and just because I wear black glasses does not make me bias :)

I love photobooths! This button always reminds me of one of my favorite books: "photobooth" by Babbette Hines. One of the coolest books and buttons ever!

Now I am differently not your typical house wife (just ask my Husband!) but I sure do love to bake! At Thanksgiving I am always in charge of all the desserts! I think this year I will wear my "I Bake" button to dinner!
Now mymy is not just about buttons...she makes her own yarn , Zines, and is a HUGE supporter of Artist and Crafters! She has a website dedicated to selling, displaying, and giving info to independent artisans. I personally love her craft guide to all the up and coming events!
So if you need buttons, yarn, artisan support, or just to talk to a really awesome girl...head on over to mymy!

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