Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Its Tuesday! Yay! It is finally time for some easy DIY projects that anyone can master! Today's DIY is going to be.....
Fabric flowers!
STEP 1: Cut out 5 wavy flower shapes from the fabric of your choice(in the photo I am using paper). Each piece you cut will be a layer tot he flower. If you would like a bulkier flower add more layers! I chose to free hand cut my flower design (photo 1), but you can do it anyway you want really.
Step 2: Fold all of your layers in half except for 1 piece.
Step 3: Now you are going to stack and over lap each folded piece of fabric (see photo 3).
Step 4: Now all of your layers should be stack up. At this time I usually add the non-folded piece of fabric to the bottom. This is a good time to also add some stitches to keep everything in place.
Step 5: Now all of your piece should be held together with a couple of simple stitches.
Step 6: You can now add a center piece to your flower. I choose a vintage button from my collection, but you could use anything! Buttons, beads, fabric, ribbon...there are many possibilities!

Hurry! You now have a cute as can be fabric flower! Now go add it to something spectacular!

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