Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Well it has been a long last 2 weeks. I have been extremely busy, and out of my mind the past week. Everything seem to fall together all at once! Last week some of you may know, my Grandfather inlaw passed away. He was a loving and proud man, we all will miss him greatly. Much of last week was spent driving to and from NY to visit family and say our goodbyes. This unexpected event lead to me being a little behind schedule. So I spent most of Easter weekend trying to catch up.
How ever I did find a little snip it of time to browse the local auction (which I love! It is located on a huge livestock farm!). I saw this beauty, and at that moment I knew I must have her! In perfect condition this 1920's-30's phonograph plays beautifully! I also scooped up some phonograph 78 records. So most of my Sunday consisted of sewing and listening to records. It was perfect!

So off I go to listen to some foxtrots and drink my beloved coffee.
Also there is no need to fret! The DIY Tuesday will be back in full swing next week!


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