Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gift ideas
With Valentines Day getting near I thought I would post some of my Fav gift ideas. All of the gifts will be under $20, unique, and will be guaranteed to create awesome memories. Check back through the month to see new ideas!
Yes, I said flip books! This site and product are so fun! I did this for my Husband last Fathers day, and he adored it! All you have to do is download a personal video, or pictures and presto! You have a one of a kind gift that no when can top (unless they have a billion dollars and buy you a tropical island or something?). They start at $8.99, and go up from there. You can even place bulk orders for Birthdays, Wedding favors, and the list goes on and on.
I recorded a quick video on my digital camera of my Son dancing, Loaded the video to flipclips, Picked a cover, and in about a week I had a awesome gift! EasyPesy!
They also often send you coupons for % off or even free flip books on your next purchase.
Pretty cool in my book!

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