Monday, November 12, 2007

Good morning all my little Ity's! I hope your weekend was filled with crackling fires and hot cocoa! The family and I took a trip to the mall this weekend...beyond crazy! It was packed with people shopping like crazed wolves. I could not believe it was already so packed with Christmas shoppers! My Husband and I walked around the mall twice and left with nothing. This is usually the case because we really only go to window shop and get out of the house.

I did get in some much needed sewing this weekend! I had many orders to fill and at first seemed overwhelmed with all that needed to be done. But I managed to get most of it finished and even fit in some play time. I will be adding some of my new creations through out the week to my shop.

Because this is the time for gift giving and to be thinking of others. I have decided to list some great organizations that are perfect to help out this holiday season!


The Sleeping Bag Project


Have a wonderful Monday my friends!

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