Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy Friday
Thanks goodness Friday is finally here! This weeks has been so busy and full of fuss! Many orders to fill and chores to fulfill before the holidays arrive. This week in the shop I have added some new little lovely pouches for someone sweet! Above is the two little birds pouch. I love this pouch! It reminds me of the decorations that adorn the Amish barns.
I also made and will probably list today this cute little
kitten pouch! I usually don't make a lot of kitty bags, so this is a special addition. I love how he is so simple compared to some of my more funky pouches.
I think I can hear him purrring!
Oh I almost forgot! I added to the shop yesterday this ity-bity nest brooch! It was quite hard to make but it all came together in the end. I almost kept it for my very self, but new it should go to a new home to hatch!
Have a wonderful Friday my little acorns!

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