Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hello everyone it is finally Thursday and I am so relieved!
It is been a busy and sleepy week here at the Ity house. With the holidays fast approaching and a 2 year old climbing Christmas could anyone have a minute to their selves! Today I must make some runs to the PO and then back home we go for a nice walk through the orange and yellow leaves.
Today I have decided to take a look at some darling Pin cushions! I have a special place in my heart for all pin cushions. I find it so interesting how beautiful something of utility was made by so many people. Above is a fabulous wool pin cushion by Bluebirdmountain. I love her use of clock pieces and vintage buttons! So simple yet elegant!
One of my favorite shops for pin cushions is RabbitsMoon! I love here whimsical use of color, fabrics and appliques. How cute is this little Peter Cottontailish bunny!

The last pin cushion is an antique pin cushion. I have no idea who made it..but it is beautiful! I adore the porcelain doll torsos that were incorporated in the design at the time. I imagine these huge hoop skirt pale ladies during Washington era making there wonderful gowns! But the question is always...How did they sew in those skirts?
Have a wonderful Thursday !

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