Friday, November 02, 2007

Hello everyone out there in Ity-Land! I hope your morning is filled with yummy delights to start you day!

I have decided to make a list of some of the awesome shops that would be perfect for Christmas shopping! I know I love browsing through these shops, always excited to see what is new! So here it is my Ity-bity Holiday Guide!

Stocking Stuffers:
Sirimade ,Sugar Cookie ,Craftpaca, Tinymeat ,The Glitter Workshop ,Geek Gear
For the Art Lover:
Rosie Music, John Clark ,BettieTurbo, John W Golden, DKim ,MarmeeCraft
Munieca, Jeweled Monkey, BronzeGirl1, Paraphernalia, Hoolala, Rob & Lean
Appalachia, BonspielCreation, Spry, Edababe ,Mandinka ,Sophie Says Go!
Home Goods:
Robot Candy, Rabbits Moon, The White Verandah ,R.J Askren, PurposeDesign
KH Phillips
Bath and Body:
Sugar Lips, Morgan Street, Loth & Volta, GudonyaToo ,Xiane, Wicked Clean

Happy Shopping!!

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