Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy snowy Monday everyone!
Today we had the first snow fall of the season! It was beautiful watching those big fluffy flakes fall from the sky. Every year whenever I see snow fall for the first time..I still get that giddy little girl feeling!
I have some sweet little critter gals now available in my shop! This is a completely new edition to Ity-bity Bags. I have always made dolls and stuffed critters but I could never part with them. So with out further adieu I introduce Sophie and Alice! They are nestled in my shop right now! So go and take a peek!

*Sophie the blue bird

*Alice the owl


Emily said...

Aww they are so sweet!

Sarah Ridgley said...

i'm so jealous of your snow. we haven't even had an official freeze yet in Arkansas.