Thursday, November 08, 2007

Good morning Everyone!
Today is rather chilly and the smell of Winter is in the air! We got quite a bit of frost last night, and I don't think the plats enjoyed it. As I drank my cup of coffee and bid the hubby goodbye, I sat and watch out poor tree drop leaf after leaf. By the time I had finished some morning chores and remembered the tree...all the leaves had fallen. How sad for the little cold tree looking all helpless and naked!

So have you thought about Christmas / Holiday cards yet ? I hope so, because it is fast approaching that time of year! I love Christmas cards or any holiday card for that matter. I am very specific when it comes to picking which cards I will send. I tend to go with the more traditional card with a modern spin.

These cards are from Etsy seller EnfinLaVoila. I am so in love with all the cards in here shop! She demonstrates that perfect balance of modern and traditional card design. The price for these beauties is extremely reasonable and you would be supporting a handmade artist! And if you haven't notice I am favorable to reindeer this year!!
Happy Thursday♥


Livy said...

Great finds!

mushroommeadows said...

oh deer. :) i love deer. :)